Uncle Mese's™ EATS & BEATS is equal parts FOOD and MUSIC. Having been in the food industry as a chef, caterer, restaurateur and as a professional songwriter, I needed a creative space for me to share my deep passion and love for all things food and music related.​

As a caterer we would hear happily satisfied guests say, "You know if you guys packaged your food, I would buy it!" we realized there was a market for our food beyond the restaurants and large catering events.​​

​"Uncle Mese's™ Signature Foods" was born out of that realization. 

We are currently working on refining the very recipes that have brought us so much success in the cate​ring world and will be releasing our entire line of food products in Fall/Winter of 2018!

For 2 years I was also a songwriter for a publishing company based out of Colorado. Although I started as a food industry professional 10 years ago, my love for music has never been far from me. "Uncle Mese's™ EATS & BEATS!" is the perfect platform to share both of my loves in one place​. Here I can showcase my skills and knowledge of both crafts and YOU can come to be thoroughly entertained! 

I hope you enjoy my website as much as I love sharing it with you!


Lamese Ugapo II aka "Uncle Mese"