UNCLEMESE.COM is all about the ​​​​​FOOD!

From FOOD, FOOD PRODUCT REVIEWS, RECIPES, and RESTAURANT HIGHLIGHTS (I'm NOT a food critic, I only showcase places and dishes that I ENJOY!) you can find ALL THINGS food related right here.

Having been in the food industry as a chef, caterer, and restaurateur for over a decade, I needed a creative space for me to be free to share my deep passion and love for all things culinary.

As a caterer we serve tens of thousands of guests each year and we constantly hear happily satisfied guests say, "You know if you guys packaged your food, I would buy it!" We heard this mostly regarding our delicious sauces! We realized there was a market for our food beyond our restaurants and large catering events.​​

​"Uncle Mese's™ Signature Foods" was born out of that realization. 

We are currently working on refining the very recipes that have brought us so much success in the cate​ring world and will be launching our line of DELICIOUS sauces in January 2019 starting with Uncle Mese's Amazing ALL-SAUCE!™, a savory, sweet, smokey, slightly spicy, tangy sauce whose flavor changes shapes depending on what you choose to put it on! From the lightest salads and fresh vegetables to the heartiest cheeseburgers and crispy fries, onion rings and other sides, Uncle Mese's Amazing ALL-SAUCE!™ is destined to take its place in all food establishments WORLDWIDE right next to the ketchup and mustard.

We look forward to sharing all of our knowledge and products with you soon!


Lamese Ugapo II aka "Uncle Mese"